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The ferry to Taboga Island provides views of skyscrapers, the Cinta Costera and ships waiting to cross the Panama Canal. Taboga, the “Island of Flowers,” offers soft sand beaches, trails and a historic town just 20 km from Panama City. Explore Cerro Vigía or Cerro de la Cruz for panoramic views, then discover the colorful Spanish-founded city with the second-oldest church in the Western Hemisphere. Relax on its quiet beaches, Taboga Island promises a day of relaxation and exploration.


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“Grateful to Style Travel for having turned my vacation into an excellent experience with my family. Recommended!”
“Panamá is a beautiful place to visit. Good service, really nice people and great food. Thank you!”

“What I liked most about Panama is its nightlife, I was able to visit many places full of fun and a good atmosphere.”

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