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Isla Contadora

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Isla Contadora

Discover paradise on Contadora Island! This treasure of the Pearl Archipelago, just 35 miles from Panama City, is reemerging as a luxury tourist destination. With white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and rich marine life, days of relaxation await you. Contadora Island is known for its calm and friendly lifestyle, and is a popular destination all year round. Here, the Pacific dresses up with paradisiacal beaches, coral reefs and the only official nudist beach in the country. Come and experience the luxury and beauty of Contadora Island in Panama!


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“Grateful to Style Travel for having turned my vacation into an excellent experience with my family. Recommended!”
“Panamá is a beautiful place to visit. Good service, really nice people and great food. Thank you!”

“What I liked most about Panama is its nightlife, I was able to visit many places full of fun and a good atmosphere.”

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