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Bocas del Toro

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Bocas del Toro

Discover paradise in Bocas del Toro! This impressive archipelago in the Caribbean Sea will captivate you with its crystalline waters and biodiversity, it has nine islands, fifty cays and coral reefs. Colon Island is a true treasure of the Panamanian Caribbean, capital of Bocas del Toro. Its vibrant wooden constructions and direct access to the sea will immerse you in a picturesque world. You can arrive on internal flights from the Marcos A. Gelabert Airport or by land and enjoy exciting excursions such as Bocas del Drago, Bird Island, Red Frog Beach and Cayo Zapatilla Island. The Caribbean awaits you with open arms in Bocas del Toro!


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“Grateful to Style Travel for having turned my vacation into an excellent experience with my family. Recommended!”
“Panamá is a beautiful place to visit. Good service, really nice people and great food. Thank you!”

“What I liked most about Panama is its nightlife, I was able to visit many places full of fun and a good atmosphere.”

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